Goin' Wild

by Banana Slug String Band

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Winner of the AFIM Indie Award for Children's Music
National Park Service Audio Interpretive Excellence Awards
Entertainment Weekly 4 Star Rating.

The slugs invite you and your family on a musical journey through the wondrous natural world of Yellowstone and the Tetons!!! Let's Go Wild. Songs on Beavers, Bears and Bison; Fires, Geysers and Wild Rivers; Stars, Skies and Mysteries, all written with the help of Park naturalists.

Special guests Joe Craven & Norton Buffalo.


released January 1, 1999

The Banana Slug String Band
“Solar” Steve Van Zandt –guitar, vocals
“Marine” Mark Nolan – guitars, mandolin, dulcimer, vocals
Doug “Dirt” Greenfield –bass, vocals
“Airy” Larry Graff –guitars, vocals

Guest Musicians
Norton Buffalo – harmonic, celebrity vocals on “Bison,” grammar
Joe Craven – violin, mandolin on “Walking in the Tetons,” otter disgust
Richard Karst – acoustic & electric guitar, vocals, flute, keyboards, pedal steel guitar
Dave Murray – drums
Horn Section: Crucial Darshan Horns – Richard Karst, arrangements

Produced by Richard Karst & Daren Chadwick

This album was created with the support of Grand Teton Natural history Association, Teton Science School and the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

Here is a note from Teton Science School Executive Director Jack Shea:

My job is teaching people – especially kids – about our natural world. It’s a big essential job and I need all the help I can muster. I knew the Banana Slugs could help when three things happened. I first saw them sing and dance their way through a convention center crowded with thousands of weary science teachers. It was like lemonade on a hot summer day. The second time I saw them in concert, I watched 60 kids, inspired by a song, spontaneously begin a synchronized slithering across the stage. Everyone in the place cracked up, even their parents. The last and best reason is my daughter, Hayden. Hayden is named after a valley in Yellowstone a National Park and loves living and learning about the wildlife near her home in Jackson Hole. When I brought her a Banana Slugs tape, we listened to it so much that I began to have dreams of dirt making my lunch. In this brain-washed state, I knew that the world needed a collection of Banana Slugs songs about the lands, wonders and wildlife of the Grand Teton/Yellowstone region. It has been a fun project, thanks to everyone who helped.

Kids Chorus
Jake Anderson
George Chadwick
Henry Chadwick
Hazel Chadwick
Janine Chadwick
Sara Hines
Nora Roberts-Hosley
Lynn Karst
Mariah McCormick
Justine Elizabeth Milburn
Max Solivich-Scheinin
Nathan Van Zandt

Kids chorus coordinated by Janine Chadwick

Special thanks to:
Charlene Milligan, Jack Shea, Leslie Bowman, Janine Chadwick, Lynn Karts, Bonno Bernard, No Stuv, Eric Simon and Wildlife Studio, Sound Deluxe Microphones, Bolo Prather for the use of his very special Native American flute on “Bison”

Joe Crave appears courtesy of Rubber Bath Toy Records
Norton Buffalo appears courtesy of his children
The Chadwick appear courtesy of KC Records
Richard Karst, HeartVoice and the Curcial Darshan Horns appear courtesy of Prema Music.

“Let It Burn” – Nathan Van Zandt, George Chadwick – rub-a-dub vocals
“Old Faithful” - Erin Peden – lead vocal, Henry Chadwick – spoken explanations
“Walking in the Tetons” – Joe Craven – mandolin, HeartVoice – background vocals
“Roll Along Yellowstone” – Lars Johannesson – pennywhistle, Janet Dows – concertina, Marine Mark Nolan – mandolin, Covey Potter – drums
“Ruminant chew” – Intro dialogue by Helen Lancaster (mama) and Hazel Chadwick (baby)
“Baby Wapiti” – Hazel Chadwick – lead vocal, Janine Chadwick – backup vocal
“Grizzly Bear Paradise” – Gayle Clark – vocal
“Wolf Dream” – Richard Karst – bass
“Stars Over Wyoming” Gayle Clark – background vocal

Engineered by Darn Chadwick & Richard Karst
Second Engineer – George Chadwick
Mixed by Daren Chadwick
Recorded at Prema Music Studio, Santa Cruz, CA
Digital Editing by Richard Karst at Prema Music Studio
Mastering by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
Art Direction – Bonno Bernard
Cover concept – don Faia
Illustration & Production – Tom Dill



all rights reserved


Banana Slug String Band Santa Cruz

Booty-shakin' music for kids ... or anyone 'young' enough to love this precious Earth!

"The best thing about Banana Slug String Band albums? An adult can listen to them [i]almost[/i] as many times as the kids want them played and not experience an urge to strangle a purple dinosaur.
Dr. Amy Rogers, Science Thrillers
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Track Name: I'm Proud to Be a Beaver
Chorus; Chew, chew, chew, chew
That’s what beavers do, we chew
Slap your tail shout out loud
I’m proud to be a beaver

No time to play there’s work to do
Dams to build, logs to chew
Aspen wood tastes good you know
Tree comin’ down, look out below! Chorus.......

Rodents come in different sizes
We are big look at these incisors
Our teeth keep growing unless we’re doing
What we do best, that is chewing Chorus.......

Under the ice we dive down low
Our lodge is entered from below
Its warm and safe and dry in here
Because we are skillful engineers Chorus.......

Slap your tail sound the alarm
Webbed feet swim away from harm
River otter loves to eat
Beaver snack, beaver meat Chorus........

Our water proof fur and diving gear
Plugs for the nose and plugs for the ears
We wear diving goggles too
You see we’re built to swim and chew Chorus........

Beaver ponds help flood control
In times of drought they’re a water hole
So remember your beaver pals
We build lodges, dams and canals
Track Name: Old Faithful

Chorus: Old Faithful Geyser is all I thought I’d see

All day I heard about geology

With my head full of words I made this little list

Now I can sound just like a geologist

Fissures, fumerals, steam vents and mud pots
Tectonic plates moving over hot spots
Ryolite volcanism in the caldera
Yellowstone began in our cenozoic era Chorus...

Hot gas, and ash and lava flows
Are everywhere you go on the Yellowstone plateau
Crystallizing magma beneath the upper crust
Provides the heat for hydrothermal thrust Chorus...

Welded tuffs with shards of glass
Once were flows of hot expanding gas
Erupting ring fractures made these formations
With pyroclastic blastification Chorus...

Take out your little notebook write the time and day
Whenever you see a geyser plume of spray
Learn all their names and their geology
An official geyser gazer is what you then will be Chorus...

With my head full of words I made this little list

Now I can sound just like a geologist

And geysers make a sound with their activity

So let’s listen to the sound of geology
Track Name: Walking in the Tetons
Teton Mountains rising up cut a jagged sky
Within the silent grandeur oh what mysteries lie
Deep in shadowed canyons or upon a rocky face
Where the sunlight meets snow laced peaks with a glowing warm embrace

Chorus: I stand and watch, it pulls me in
Now I’m walking in the grand Tetons again

Winding trails through summer bloom bright with columbine
Spring Beauty on the carpet while yellow bells shine
Red, orange and yellow paintbrush rainbows on the land
Color is the passion of this finest gardener’s hand

Lightening flashes on the ridge thunderheads collide
Above Cathedral spires, they tumble down the granite sides
Cascade Canyon waterfalls into Jenny Lake
Carrying glacial memories into the winding Snake

Mountain Blues they spread the news of another breaking day
An osprey soars down low, silver streaks dart away
Raven perched on a weathered snag while the wind in the aspen trees
Connects us all with a breath of life in this living tapestry
Track Name: Grizzly Bear Paradise
Welcome to my mountain home
Over rugged rocks and through the trees I roam
Everything here is so nice.......……………………………………………….In this Grizzly Bear paradise

The world was made with me in mind
The table's always set and I'm ready to dine
Deer, berries, how 'bout some mice........……………………………………In this Grizzly Bear paradise

That black bear ain't got nothin on me
I'm a hundred pounds bigger, its plain to see
This hump on my shoulder, that's my diagnostic feature
I think you'll agree, I'm the more distinguished creature

Everything I need is at my paw tips
Or should I say at my jaw and claw tips
I just reach out and take a slice........……………………………..Of this Grizzly Bear paradise

I have my pick of what to munch on
Gophers or ground squirrels are great to crunch on
Grubs and tree bark add the spice......……………………………………….In this Grizzly Bear paradise

I'll eat whatever my stomach wishes
It could be one of my famous dishes
Morsel of marmot or maggot surprise.....……………………………………..In this Grizzly Bear paradise
Now don't you think I have a fabulous figure
With winter coming on I plan to get bigger
I'm a thousand pounds now I need to eat some more
I’ll put on 100 or 2 or maybe 4

Hey elk I can break your jaw
With just one slap of my 6 inch paw
But not today easier prey will suffice...…………………………….In this Grizzly Bear paradise

When winter comes on, I get dozy
I seek out a cave that is warm and cozy
Out of the wind the snow and the ice..........………………………………….In this Grizzly Bear paradise

My cubs are born no bigger than rats
But in 4 months time they're round and fat
They triple their size more than twice........……………………………………In this Grizzly Bear paradise
I'll teach my cubs the way of the bear
How to go to a tree and to rip and tare
In search of honey with our fine sense of smell
And if the bees get angry, oh well!!

The most important thing I'll teach my cubs
Is to find the right tree for bear back rubs
It's bliss to scratch away the fleas and the flies......………………In this Grizzly Bear paradise

At night you might hear me prowl
Get a little closer and hear me growl
Look in my eyes you'll understand my size.......………………………………In this Grizzly Bear paradise

So if you pass through my neck of the woods
You better hold on to your valued goods
Whatever is yours could be my little prize.........………………………………In this Grizzly Bear paradise
If you see a berry patch trampled down
Claw marks in bark or tracks on the ground
You're standing where a bear once stood
You should know by now you're in my neighborhood

You may never ever see me but I know you'll agree
That's its good to know I'm here wild and free
So please keep this paradise nice....................…………………..In this Grizzly Bear paradise
Track Name: Stars Over Wyoming
The campfire is burning brightly, I hope this moment will last
The sky is a reflection of the people of Wyoming’s past

The stars over Wyoming shine their heavenly light
The Nez Perce and Shoshone saw the same stars that you see tonight
You’ll never have to feel alone, so many have looked into the night.
Like the stars in a constellation, we’re all a family of light
The stars over Wyoming shine this heavenly light
Mountainmen and explorers saw the same stars that you see tonight
Jim Bridger, John coulter, Lewis and Clark discovered the mountains pristine.
But something they found in the heart of the dark answered their questions and dreams.

BRIDGE: So clear, so bright the light at night
The skies of Wyoming they blaze
Like sand on a beach, they seem they’re in reach
You can sit here ‘til night turns to day

If you look up and you wonder about Orion, the Dipper, and Mars
The same could have happened 100 years ago to a child who was enchanted by stars
The stars over Wyoming shine even brighter tonight
May your children always remember, we’re connected by the light.