Adventures on the Air Cycle

by Banana Slug String Band

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Visit the Banana Slug String Band’s wacky world of science, song and “silly-bration” with this remastered recording of their classic musical story, “Adventures on the Air Cycle.”

Join Professor Banana Slug, Nature Man, and a crew of eco-kids as they discover and explore some of the natural wonders of our planet.

Focusing on the air, this CD shows how everything fits together to make our natural world healthy. A rollicking musical revue swingin' and rappin' across the planet.

Tracks on this CD alternate between story (download provided free) and songs! When you choose a song, be sure to also download your FREE story intro to go with it.


released January 1, 2001

The Band
“Marine” Mark Nolan
guitar, mandolin, vocals, fish lips, beat box, lighthouse keeper

“Airy” Larry Graff
guitar, bass, vocals, beat box, Nature Man, Insect

Doug “Dirt” Greenfield
bass, harmonica, vocals, ice bag, beat box, Insect, air cycle

“Solar” Steve Van Zandt
guitar, vocals, beat box, Professor, Buzz the Insect

Guest Slugs
Mike Levy – piano, guitar, vocals, the Original Hip and Hopin’ Human Being

Slug Kids
Jessica Berkley-Brodzinsky, Jenna Johnson,
Dustin Spoliansky, Paul Spoliansky, Jodie Van Horn

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Produced and Engineered by:
Jim Dean for the Musideo Production Group

Additional Engineering: Robert Iriartborde
Additional Production: The Banana Slug String Band
Sound Effects Tech: Glen Ruehle, Patrick Fitzgerald
Recroded at: Music Annex Recording Studios, Menlo Park & San Francisco, CA
Casting & Direction: Annie Nachtrieb
CD Mastering: Richard Karst
Cover Design: Higher Glypics Art
Original Cover Illustration: Nigel Copp

Thanks to:
Keith Hatschek, Rosie Garry, Michelle Lecompte, David Porter and the staff at Music Annex (Menlo Park), Angela Goodison, Patrick Fizgerald and Linda Lew at the Music Annex (San Francisco, Elise Johnson, Roberta Spoliansky, Janie Van Horn, Ti Stills, Malcolm Brodzinsky, Phillip Johnson, Miriam Kirby.

Special thanks to our families and friends for their never ending support and guidance!

All songs written by BSSB except “Brown Air” by Michael Levy.
© 2001 Slug Music (BMI)
Banana Slug String Band. All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Banana Slug String Band Santa Cruz

Booty-shakin' music for kids ... or anyone 'young' enough to love this precious Earth!

"The best thing about Banana Slug String Band albums? An adult can listen to them [i]almost[/i] as many times as the kids want them played and not experience an urge to strangle a purple dinosaur.
Dr. Amy Rogers, Science Thrillers
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Track Name: Air Cycle - song
Air cycle, it takes you and me
Air cycle, breathing with the trees
What we breathe out, the plants breathe in
We trade CO2 for OXYGEN!

The trees got a kitchen up in their leaves
Cooking up a recipe we all need
Sun, soil, water and CO2
produces oxygen for me and you.

Now every living thing everywhere
has got to have a breath of that sweet fresh air.
By paving the land and cutting all of the trees
we’re endangering our planet’s livability.

Have you been to a salt marsh?
Many plants growing in a land that’s harsh
In a sandy, sunny, windy, salty habitat
makin’ oxygen is where it’s at.

Now listen folks, we’ve got to care
‘cause there’s only so much sweet, fresh air
Clean up smoke stacks, tail pipes too
to keep clean air for me and you

Shoo bee doo… Shoo bee wa…

Additional verse:
That Lorax* dude was hip to the scene.
He knew we needed those Truffula Trees.
Without those trees breathin’ out that air,
there wouldn’t be life anywhere.

*The Lorax is an excellent book on trees and conservation written by Dr. Seuss.
Track Name: Ecology - song
That’s Ecology, Ecology.
Talk about Ecology.
Learn about Ecology.

Everything fits together naturally.
The flower on our planet needs the buzzin’ bee.
Everything is connected, we say.
We’re all related in a special way.

Fresh air!
No one here likes pollution.
My friend tells me she’s got the solution.
Recylcle paper, cans and the glass.
Learn about conservation in your class.
ECOLOGY. That’s Ecology.

Fresh air! Clean water!
Some animals, they just eat plants.
Others, you know, they like to eat ants.
Some will eat almost anything.
The food chain makes me want to sing about…
ECOLOGY. That’s Ecology.

Fresh air! Clean water! Good soil! (Repeat)
“Eco” means “home,” that’s yours and mine.
For the hawk, the whale and the mountain lion,
we all have to share this little planet,
this magical place of water, air and granite.
ECOLOGY. That’s Ecology.

ECOLOGY. That’s Ecology.
That’s Ecology, Ecology.
Learn about Ecology.
That’s Ecology.